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Mechanical Ventilation with Heating Recovery

MHVR is a continuous method of extracting stale air and condensation from your home without losing heat. 
Resulting in efficient and planet friendly way of recovering heat that you would have lost in many traditional ventilation systems
MVHR units can recover up to 90% of heat that leaves your home via traditional ventilation. In addition providing continuous flow of fresh air, these units will clean most of allergens from breathable air with fully certified filters.

How expensive MVHR is to run?
Typical installation will have two small motors to push stale air out and fresh air in. Normally around 30w each so no more than household light bulb consumes. 
Recovery units do have “Party mode” which will consume more energy, however, it has been designed for large occupancy and parties. When you need to keep your guests fresh, rely on MVHR’s abilities. 

Lindab MVHR
What does the system contain? 
MVHR system largely separated into 6 different categories:
Main heat cell
Primary intake and exhaust systems
Secondary distribution system
Plenum valves (intake and delivery ports)
Main electronic unit controls
How much does it cost to install it in my house?
That’s one of most difficult and most common question asked. There is no set price for these units as every house and every customer is different in their lifestyles. we do our best to cater for vast majority of circumstances. 
Typical 3 bedroom, one bathroom house with family of four people with mid range system installed will range between £6800-£9600. However, with current energy prices we would estimate that within 10 years you will recover large part of your investment. 

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