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Boiler, Central Heating Care Contract Plan V2

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Terms and Conditions for your Care plan
What we can look after: We currently have four care plan packages:
• Central heating system care plan
• Plumbing care plan
• Boiler care plan
• Oil Boiler and System care plan
Our promise: We aim to provide highest quality service to repair, maintain or replace your equipment included in your selected
care plan. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us on
Cover agreement: All our agreements are monthly rolling plans and will commence 15 days following the date you first applied.
Every plan will need full inspection of your heating system, plumbing or electrical installation. There will be 30 days cooling-off
period in which you will not be covered.
Renewals: For your convenience, your cover plan will renew automatically unless you notify us otherwise. We will notify you in
writing prior to this and attach your new terms and conditions.
Our contact details:
Telephone: 01245 979020

Terms And Conditions For Your Central Heating Care Plan V2

Central heating care plan costs just from £16/month which includes free boiler inspection and service. Care plan is provided by
us, your local and trusted company. All our engineers are fully trained, qualified and DBS checked. Giving you a peace of mind
and knowing your heating system is in best hands, the company who actually cares.

Our Agreement Covers

• Repairs in the event of breakdown of a single gas boiler within your home.
• Repairs or replacement of external heating controls including; room thermostat, programmer and pump where installed in
accordance to manufacturers instructions.
• Parts and labour, your boiler has to be less than 18 years of age and must pass initial health inspection.
• Internal central heating pipework
• Our cover plan includes FREE annual boiler service and system health check.
• Repairs to gas supply pipework between your gas meter and appropriate appliance. Where pipework needs replacing, we
will install new pipework routes of our design.
• Removing sludge and scale from your boiler and heating system. If you haven’t got magnetic filter fitted, our engineer might
offer one to install at additional cost.
• Replacing your gas or electric boiler, except under the circumstances set out in our terms and conditions.
• Replacing or repairing parts of your central heating system and controls that are specifically designed for piped underfloor
• Single gas or electric or oil central heating boiler (parts and labour)
• Pipework directly connected to gas or electric appliance (no more than 100mm)
• Flues, where complies with manufacturer’s instructions (up to 1 meter in length)
• PRV discharge pipework, where complies with manufacturer’s instructions
• Condensate pipework, where complies with manufacturer’s instructions
• Each breakdown will incur £55 excess charge
General Conditions And Exclusions
Complaints: We aim to do our best, but unfortunately, there may be times when things go wrong. If you have a complaint about
any part of our service or our products, please contact us on We will deal with your matter as soon as
possible but if we can’t, we will inform you regularly.
Domestic Use: GPHE care plans are only available for appliances used inside your home for domestic purposes only. These
packages may benefit landlords and gas safety checks (CP12`s) can be provided at additional cost.
Price Changes: Your prices will remain as agreed and will not change for duration of agreement (every 12 months your agreement
is reviewed)
Internet Based Heating Controls: We do not cover internet-based controls under any of our current care plans, however, most
controls come with manufacturer’s warranty and if it’s within the manufacturer’s warranty we will replace them free of charge in
the event of a failure.
Our Responsibilities: We will meet our responsibilities under your agreement(s) within reasonable time unless it's impossible
because of circumstances outside our control.
First Initial Inspection: Before your agreement starts, we will need to carry out an initial inspection of your boiler and its controls,
plumbing, gas pipework and electrical installation to make sure they are in good working order. Our engineers will issue an
inspection certificate to show what they checked. We will carry out this inspection before your agreement(s) starts. If the initial
inspection revels a problem, we may: (1) Tell you what work is needed and what it will cost you for that work to be carried out. (2)
Refuse agreement until the problems have been solved.
Types Of Emergencies: We at GPHE will determine the severity of the emergency which will determine the speed in which we will
react. Please note, in cold months this may take a little longer. However, you are a priority as you are within our care plan(s).
Change of Ownership: We will not carry out a first inspection, if we have already done so at the property within 12 months.
Annual Service: We will inform you when your annual service is due and will carry it out same time each year where possible. This
will depend on our workload and your preference for an appointment
Gaining Access to Your Property and Arranging Appointments: It’s your responsibility to allow us access to your property. If we
cannot gain access to your property, we will arrange another appointment at suitable date for you and us. If we cannot gain
access to the property on second visit or you do not arrange second visit your agreement will continue even though we have been
unable to carry out the service and you may not be eligible for repairs. Third visit will be charged £82.50+VAT
Magnetic Filters and Scale Reducers: We will repair and maintain any magnetic filters and scale reducers on gas or electric
appliance under our care plan. We will also clean magnetic filters as part of annual service. Unless it is deemed unpractical to
access or it is clear that leak may occur.
Powerflush: We use powerflush pumps to clean the system to remove sludge and corrosion deposits from your heating system. If
we recommend you require any powerflush work done, we will charge you to undertake this work £35+VAT/radiator, boiler or
cylinder. Once it is finished, there will be no charge in the future, for any powerflush work that may be needed, as long you keep
continuous GHPE central heating care plan. When repair is needed due to sludge or corrosion deposits and we have not told you
that you need powerflush. We will attempt to carry out the repair (excluding powerflush) and will do so at no extra cost. However,
at that point we will advise that powerflush is required and until the powerflush has taken place (either done by us or test sample
is sent for analysis at extra cost), we will not cover any ongoing sludge or hard water issues within the boiler or any components.
Cancellation: Your rights to cancel:
• You may cancel at any point, we do require you do so at least 3 working days prior your direct debit due date in writing to
• We will stop next months direct debit payment. If you informed us after payment date, we will not refund the charge.
• You may not cancel within your cooling off period.
Our Cancellation Rights:
We may cancel your agreement in the following circumstances:
• If we give you reasonable notice
• If you have given false information
• If you do not make agreed payment
• For agreements concerning gas boilers, gas appliances, heating systems, plumbing or electrics, if we find something wrong at
the initial inspection, or we have advised you that permanent repairs or improvements are needed to make sure your appliance
or system works properly, and you do not follow our advice within reasonable period. This advice may include replacing your
boiler, parts of heating system, fuse board (What constitutes a reasonable period will vary depending on the nature of the issue
and period could be short in the case of, for example, safety issue).
• If we are not able to find parts to keep your appliance or system working in good, safe order.
• If circumstances arise (including Health & Safety issues) which makes it inappropriate for the contract to continue.
Safety Advise: We may advise you that permanent repairs or improvement are needed to make sure your appliance or system
works safely and efficiently (for example, to comply with gas safety regulation, such as upgrading your ventilation to meet current
standard). If you do not follow our advice, it may mean that we are unable to fulfil all of our obligations under your agreement. In
this case, your agreement will continue unless you inform using writing, you would like to cancel the agreement.
Spare Parts: If we do not carry the spare parts for you repair work needs on the day, we can get hold of them within next working
day. In rare cases, parts may need to be ordered directly from manufacturers and will take longer.
Labour: One of our highly trained engineers will usually carry out the work. In some cases we may have to authorize a suitably
qualified contractor to carry out the work.
Approved Equipment: We only undertake work on appliances, energy-management systems and plastic pipes which are on our
approved list.
Third-Party Rights: Nobody other than you will be able to benefit from this agreement, which cannot be passed to someone else
without our consent.
Guarantees: GHPE guarantees all parts and labour for 12 months from date of repair. Any guarantees do not affect your legal
rights under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and Supply of Goods Act 1982. You can get advice about your legal rights from a Citizen
Advise Bureau or Trading Standards Department.
Appointment Times: GHPE offers two appointment time slots; AM (8AM-12Noon) & PM (12Noon-6PM). With your request, we will
contact you with an hour’s notice before the engineers arrival.
Payments: We take payments via DIRECT DEBIT for all our care plans. Any repairs carried out will need to be paid in BACS, cash
or credit/debit card immediately after work is carried out. In some cases, we do take 30%-60% deposit before work is carried (for
example, boiler change or fuse board change)
Moving Home: If you are moving home, please notify us as soon as possible about any change of address. Once we receive a
new address details from you, we will automatically transfer your agreement to this new address unless you inform us otherwise.
We will arrange an initial inspection for you new home. Initial inspection of your new home will be charged one-off payment of
£30+VAT and your direct debit will continue as normal.
Governing Law: The Terms & Conditions for all products and services are written in English and all correspondence entered into
shall be in English. Your agreement in governed by Laws of England and Wales.
Design or Existing Faults: We will not include the cost of repairs needed because of design faults or installation which have not
been undertaken in line with building regulations or faults which existed before you entered into your agreement which we could
not identify on our initial service or inspection of your boiler, particular appliance, system or electrical installation.
Accidental Damage / Third party Damage / Damage from Intentional Risk Taking: Except where accidental damage caused by you
is specifically stated as being included under your agreement, the cost of repairs relating to damage caused by is excluded from
all agreements. All third-party works will not be included within our agreement.
Replacing your appliance: we will provide an estimate with HomeCare discount £750. Discount does not apply to third party and
can only be used with GPHE.
All other loss and damage: Unless we are responsible for it, we will not include loss or damage to property (including any cleaning,
plastering, painting etc. needed) or any other type of loss caused by appliance, boiler, system, plumbing or electrical installation
to which this agreement relates (for example, damage to furniture or floors caused by water leaks). If access has to be made to
your appliance, boiler, system, plumbing or electrics, any redecoration, repair or resurfacing of damage that may needed following
our work is your responsibility, unless we have been negligent.
Risks normally insured under household or other insurances: Except and only to the extent specifically stated as being included
under a care plan, we will not include the repairs of faults or damage or replacement of appliance/systems or plumbing or
electrics caused by freezing water conditions, subsidence, structural repairs, accident, fire, lightening, explosion, flood or storm.
You should check you household insurance to make sure you have enough to cover these risks.
Using personal information: We will not share any data or information in relation to you or your property without your written
We will not Include the following:
• Replacing electrical appliance, bathroom fixtures, electric showers and sanitary ware (except from boiler as described earlier).
• Improvements including work that is needed to bring your appliance, system or electrical installation to current
standards/legislative requirements. Examples of these improvements include replacing parts such as flues, smoke alarms, vents
that do not meet current standards, (these are examples only, not a complete list). You may need to have improvements carried
out before we are able to complete other repairs to your appliance, system or electrical installation.
• Upgrades to which you may want to have carried out to improve your appliance, system or electrical installation. Examples of
upgrades include replacing working radiators with improved models (these are examples only and not a complete list)
• Replacing or repairing parts that do not affect how the appliance, system or electrical installation works, decorative or specialist
• Replacing feature or decorative radiators. We will provide a standard panel radiator of suitable size for the room.
• Resetting controls (for example, thermostats and programmers following changes due to winter or summer).
• We won’t attend property for faults that can be easily rectified by homeowner such as topping up system pressure or resetting
tripped fuse. (these are examples only and not a complete list)
• Removing Asbestos
• Repairing or replacing any lead, steel or iron pipes• The cost of repairing damage or breakdown caused by changes to, or problems with gas, electricity or water services.
Repairing or replacing wall fixtures or fittings where we need access to make repair, such as tiles or wallpaper (these are
examples only and not a complete list)

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